Velvet Backless Shoes with Bow

Here we are, ladies! It’s New Year’s Eve! In a few hours, I’ll he heading out to the hospital for a shift, so hopefully I don’t see you there 🙂 And I hope you have a fun and safe NYE! Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to relaxing all day. I’m so thankful Jacob is officially done traveling and will be beginning his new job with Stryker on the 3rd of January. This year has been one for the books, obviously!

One of my favorite gifts this year was this pair of shoes. Is it possible for a girl to have too many shoes? Actually, if you asked my husband, the answer would definitely be “yes” (But he’s wrong, haha). Anyway, I am OBSESSED with this pair. I love the faux fur on the back of the heel — it makes them sooo comfy. And you can’t get cuter than this soft velvet bow! I want it to be warmer just so I can wear these flats all the time! They’re REALLY different, but that’s why I love them! They run TTS, too! Sometimes flats can have really stiff material, which gives me blisters. Thankfully, these are nice and soft. I could wear them all day long! The bow is a little snug, but it makes the shoes stay on perfectly without sliding when you walk. Since I have bigger feet, I was worried that the pointed toes might make my feet look huge, but they don’t! These shoes are originally from Zara, but you can snag them from Amazon!

Also, since I’m a huge shoe fanatic but don’t have a ton of room for shoes, we found this AWESOME shoe rack from Bed Bath & Beyond. As you can tell, I take up almost the entire rack (It holds 60 pairs), and I hear about it from Jacob quite frequently! You can use this 20% off one online item, too!! This rack is a TOTAL space-saver since it’s so tall. And I love how it has wheels. We put it in our front closet and it fits perfectly! Plus, it was so easy to assemble. I’m all about reviews, and this one has great reviews! We actually returned a few others that I bought and ended up with this one! Right now, you can also get free shipping on it!

What do you guys think about these shoes? Aren’t they adorable?! If Amazon doesn’t have your size, get them here from Ebay! If you’re not a fan of the bow higher on the ankle, I’m linking another pair below that are a little more conservative (And only $20)!



//Size 8// TTS





    1. Do you have them?! They really don’t make your feet look big like I thought they might! And I have big feet for my height! But thank you so much! 🙂

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