Happy Monday, peeps! This is my second “Monday Thoughts” post, and I’ve been looking forward to writing it!

Truthfully, this weekend was a tough one for me. I worked this weekend, and Jacob worked his normal five-day work week plus Saturday night at his second job. Since we work totally opposite schedules and don’t get to hang out much during the week (he works a normal day-shift job and I work night-shift), I get SO excited when Jacob gets home on a Friday night because we get to hang out together all night! But when I work that weekend, I always have a reeeeeally hard time leaving for work at 6:20 pm, knowing I’ll be gone for the whole weekend, and that I’ll be sleeping during the day when everybody else is up doing fun things. Leaving for work on Friday was tough. Call me a baby, but I miss my husband when I leave for work during the weekend, knowing everybody else is enjoying time with their loved ones and sleeping in.

But what I seem to forget at that time is something that I really do try to live by:

“Every day may not be good… But there is something good in every day.”¬† -Alice Morse Earle

I think we all have a hard time living by this! Like Mondays… UGH! The first day of the work week. Four more loooong work days after this until the weekend. But no matter what, there’s always something good in that — something to cherish! But what exactly is it?

How about catching up with your best friend on the phone after work? Splurging a little on a hot yoga class? Grabbing a cup of your favorite white mocha at the local coffee shop?

There has to be one thing that you did in that day to make it “good.”

Now, what exactly happens when you “find the good in every day?” Well, this is totally up to you! Ultimately, this means choosing positivity over negativity. This instantly makes you happier when you choose to be positive.

Of course, you’ll have your bad days — we all do. Days that it feels like everything is against you. But even in that bad day, try to find one good thing. It’ll be hard, but choosing one positive thought that day may turn your whole day around — and your mood!

So for me, finding the good in working a weekend means I get to make a little kiddo’s night better when they’re feeling crummy in the ER. That’s choosing to see the good in every day! What would yours be?

So I challenge you to find the good in every single day and to spread that good to everybody you encounter in that day!






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