How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Living Space

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Jacob and I always knew that we wanted to live in a city when we got married. We had no idea it would be Milwaukee, but living in any city means you’re going to be giving up space. We have definitely made the most out of our small-ish loft! I’m going to be linking every product that we have personally used and loved! Guys, I literally use every spot in our loft to my advantage. And the best part is, nobody else knows it!

Well, besides now…

So, our loft is a little over one thousand square feet, not small for a loft, but not huge. We have two bedrooms, which is a big plus for guests and storage, plus two front closets. We have made the MOST out of our living space, and I’m pretty dang proud of that. There are some things that you can do to amplify your living space, and you’ll be let in on those tips soon! Basically, since you don’t have lots of room horizontally, you have to utilize all of your room vertically! You’ll know what I mean in a little bit!

I’m going to go through the seven ways you can organize your small area! Organizing in the right ways really opens up space, and it’s something your guests won’t even notice! You’ll definitely want to be revamping your front closet after you read this post! Also, sorry some of these pictures aren’t the best quality! It was a super gloomy day, and they were taken at the front of our loft where there is no natural light.

Want to find out how to conquer organizing your home? Here they are:



This is HUGE for us! Since our kitchen doesn’t have a ton of storage, I put a lot of my serving dishes, platters, storage containers, coffee mugs, etc. on this unit. It’s close enough to our kitchen, so it’s not a huge hassle getting to it when I need it. We don’t entertain a ton, so a lot of those things can be kept here. I definitely don’t want to take up our kitchen cabinet space with things we don’t use too often, so this is a great option. This unit is key for amplifying space. It’s almost as tall as me, and the four shelves are very durable. This unit is very affordable. There are much more expensive ones, but I really don’t think that’s necessary. As long as it’s durable and gets the job done, it’s good in my book. And as long as it’s organized, it’s not an eye sore! I really have no idea where I would put all of these things if we didn’t have this unit.


I have sticky hooks on the back of almost every cabinet/door that we have in our loft. I have one for my face towel in bathroom cabinet, two bigger ones for our bath towels behind our bathroom door, and other small ones to hang my oven mitts,hot pads, and kitchen towels in our kitchen cabinets! These things are crucial! And the cool part is that they come in different colors and sizes. Since our bathroom is all grey, and people might see the hooks, I got two nice metallic grey ones instead of plastic white ones! The key with this, though, is to make sure you get a size big enough for what you’re going to be hanging. You definitely don’t want to get a small hook when you’re trying to hang up a hair dryer or big bath towel.


This idea might not be for everybody, but I already loved how the open-shelving concept looked (when utilized correctly), so I decided to try it out! I’m SO happy with how ours turned out. The thing with this, though, is that you want objects up there that you want people to see. So this isn’t the space for your old, worn-down kitchen cups that you use every day. We put our wine glasses, champagne flutes, and monogrammed coffee cups on ours! We have gotten so many compliments on them — even from our property manager! So consider doing this if you don’t have enough space for your nice kitchenware!


Showing you how it hooks onto the rod

This hanging rod is something that I really needed because I have a ton of clothes (aka every girl).  Going from a walk-in closet to one straight bar for clothes, I really had no room for all of my stuff when we moved in. This hanging rod is really cool because you can adjust the length and height of the bar. This rod has two vertical poles with a hanging rod to hang in between clothes. Then there is a horizontal bar that is to be used as another clothes rod! I put the bar under shirts, so there aren’t clothes hanging over it. On the rod, I put short sleeve shirts and tank tops. We got one for Jacob, but he didn’t really need it, so we returned it. Plus, his clothes are longer, so I’m not sure how well it would have worked. Remember when I said you need to use your vertical space? This is an example. Actually, all of these tips are! This adds a second level of hanging space to your closet!

You’ll also see that I used a pull-out storage container on the floor for my bras. This is so I didn’t need to take up an entire drawer in our dresser just for bras! We only have one dresser since our bedroom isn’t huge. We both also have a three-drawer storage unit in our closets! I put my underwear, spandex (thank you volleyball), and bathing suits in mine! It’s another perfect space-saver. I have used every inch of floor space in my closet!


This simply means to put your extra items (laundry detergents, pasta sauces, bathroom cleaners, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.) all away in your front closet. You don’t need your “extras” out with what you’re currently using — you’re just taking up that needed space! We put all of our extras in our front closet. I organize them by category to make sure I know where they will be. Our front closet is probably more organized than most front closets — but that’s why it works!


If you read the Velvet Backless Shoes +Shoe Rack post, you’ve seen this already. This shoe rack is the bomb. It’s tall, so you can fit a ton of pairs! The only downside is that it’s hard to put taller shoes on it, so that’s why we put Jacob’s taller boots on the top rack. We put it right against the wall in the closet, and it fits perfectly! This is another BIG space saver for us!


Alright, so now you have a shoe rack and storage unit in your front closet. You’re now going to add an over-the-door rack! This is perfect for all of the little things. This might not be needed for people who have a big kitchen space, but we put our spices, sugars, etc. on this rack– perfect for the smaller stuff!


After finding little tricks to making the most out of our apartment, it’s really been easy to keep everything organized! I think the best thing we did was buy that shoe rack and storage unit for our front closet! I really don’t know where we would put all of those things! You catch on quickly when you live in a city and don’t have a lot of storage space!

What is your favorite space-saving tips? Is there anything that you’ve found that has worked well for you?






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