There are many, but here are the TOP 5 things I learned when my husband and I moved in together!

As many of you know, Jacob and I did the whole long distance thing for a majority of our relationship. The last two years of our non-married relationship, though, Jacob lived in Milwaukee while I lived back home in Saint Charles, Illinois, while I saved up some money. Being apart was hard, especially while planning a wedding together, but it made it THAT much sweeter when we got married and FINALLY lived under one roof! Before writing this blog, I did some research online on the topic of couples moving in together. If you look it up, all of the articles are SO NEGATIVE! It’s actually really sad to read knowing that some people feel that way.
Throughout these past few months, I have learned so much from living together, seriously ALL positive things, too!

Here are my top five:

1. The phrase “You don’t know someone until you live with them” is 110% FALSE

There has not been one instance where I sat back and thought, “Whoa, what did I get myself into?!” Jacob and I dated for a year and nine months before we got engaged. After that, we were engaged for a year and five months before we were married. If we didn’t know each other inside and out by then, that would have been a problem!

     If you don’t feel like you know your partner that well, it’s time to have some serious talks before saying “I do.”

We mesh really well, like really really well, and we always have. Jacob and I have always had open communication, which is what makes our relationship so great. We haven’t had one fight about someone being too messy or who’s going to take the trash down to the trash chute. We do everything we can to help each other out. With opposite schedules (me working night shift and him working during the day), we’re both so grateful whenever we get to hang out for a full night together.

So no, we didn’t live together before, and neither of us are running for the hills (Like many people think would happen if you didn’t live together). Also, there aren’t any “annoying habits” that he has that “drive me crazy,” like people told me there would be.

So, if you don’t want to live together before you get married, stick to your guns, don’t let anybody talk you out of it! It was one of the best decisions we’ve made!

2. My husband is even more caring and selfless than I knew

If you know Jacob, you already know he is the most caring, kind, amazingly amazing guy there is. But I never expected him to do half the things he does for me on the daily.

**Let me brag about my husband**

When he was working his SECOND job at Swig (an upscale downtown Milwaukee restaurant), he would get up early Saturday morning to go to work. If I worked that Friday night, I would be getting in bed around the time he would be waking up for work. He would get off around 3:30 pm, which is when I would be waking up. He would walk into our bedroom with a white mocha and a breakfast platter from the Milwaukee Public Market, my favorite place in Milwaukee.

Did he have to do that? No.
Did I EVER expect him to? No.

But he is so selfless that he would go out of his way to get me those, so I can have something yummy to eat when I woke up.

There have been so many times when he would come home from his regular job and bring me my favorite white mocha because he knows how tired I always am from working nights. He knows it’ll make me smile and that’s why he continues to do it. Seriously, he’s quite the keeper.

In addition to all of that, he helps clean up meals and even cleans around the house when I’m at work.

And then he’s proud of it, too!

He’ll get all excited when I come home from work and tells me he swept our entire loft. I mean, what guy does that?! An awesome one, obviously.

3. Our communication has gotten SO much better

I think this one is a given. When we lived apart, we would text, talk on the phone, or Facetime. It’s different when you have actual face-to-face conversations every single day. I think learning to communicate well is an obstacle every couple faces. We have always been good, but we learned how to communicate better with every step of our relationship.

It’s so much easier to get in little bickering episodes when you text because you’re not able to see the person’s body language and expression when they type something.

We talk and figure it out if it comes to a time where we disagree. I also am one of those people that have a really hard time staying mad at someone I care about. I feel like that’s a girl thing, though. We like to talk, a lot.

It’s a lot easier to go to bed mad when you’re not sleeping together, too. This is a big plus to living together. I can just annoy him nonstop until he’ll talk to me hehe. But like I said, living together has tremendously helped us communicate better.

4. My husband is a better roommate than any girl could ever be

I feel like many of you won’t believe that this is true, but it is. There is something about the nights where we drink wine and eat popcorn while we binge-watch Blacklist, that can’t be topped. Sure, the nights in college when my girlfriends and I would come back to our apartment with our heels in our hands and hair looking like a mess were a blast. The nights my husband and I stumble back to our loft from the bar/club and smash some food top any of those nights in college. I’m not saying college wasn’t fun; trust me, sometimes we had TOO much fun, but these nights top those, no doubt.

And I have never gotten annoyed, like I said earlier. Maybe this is just a honeymoon thing, but it’s been a few months, and there hasn’t been one eye-roll. At least not that I know of!

Like I said, I loved living with my roommates in college, but being married and living with my husband is even better that I could have imagined.

We’re a team, we always have been, and we will always work on getting better and better at it. That’s really what this all comes down to!

5. I actually LOVE to cook and clean

I never really cooked or cleaned before we got married. After college, I lived at home with my parents. Either my mom would cook, or we would go out to eat (mostly go out to eat, haha). And for the cleaning part, I would clean my room, or clean Oakley’s litter box, but that’s really it. My mom always had the house spotless, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Now, I LOVE to do laundry and clean to make our loft look great. It’s always fun when Jacob comes home from work and the entire loft is cleaned and dinner is in the oven (I sound like such a housewife!). I sweep and vacuum almost daily, especially because our hardwood floors make it noticeable when it’s dirty. Speaking of cleaning, if you have hardwood floors (or basically anything but carpet), I highly suggest you buy a steamer, it makes our floors look AH-MAZING.

Here is the one we have, and I’m personally obsessed with it! I vacuum first, then steam after! When I’m done steaming, it looks like we just moved in.

As for cooking, when we got married, I was SO excited to go grocery shopping and get of the ingredients for the hundreds of recipes I saved on Pinterest. My favorite so far is the creamy asiago chicken! Here is the recipe! The only thing I change is that I add one full cup of asiago cheese instead of ½.

Jacob’s favorite meal of mine so far is the garlic steak and potato foil packs! Here is the recipe! The only thing I changed is that I separate the meat and potatoes after the meat is finished cooking. I put the potatoes in a skillet and let them cook more to 1. Get softer and 2. Get that yummy sautéed taste.

I love the recipes in The Newlywed Cookbook, too! We registered for it and I’m using it all the time! You can order it Here if you’d like to make some AWESOME new dishes! I think I’m getting pretty dang good, too!

The list can go on and on. Bottom line, it was a huge change when we moved in together, but it’s been the best change yet. If you have any further questions about any of this, feel free to ask me below! I can talk about it for days!

What has been the biggest change for you when you moved in with your significant other?!



  1. This is such a sweet article!

    I can relate with some of these things, except communication. My boyfriend are so bad when we disagree and we actually disagree about quite a few things lmao. But I really love and respect him nonetheless and it’s through our huge disagreements that we can really see how the other feels…if THAT makes sense.

    Seriously though – when I read how you learned your husband is more caring & selfless than you knew – my heart melted into a puddle on the ground. So sweet how he goes out of his way to get you your favorite things…and how he gets excited to tell you he did a little cleaning while you were gone! Seriously, that’s freaking cute.


    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah, communication definitely is difficult in any relationship! But hahah my husband is adorable, isn’t he?! I’m so lame, I know! But thank you !! 🙂

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