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My Favorite Valentine’s Day Dress + Valentine’s Day Thoughts

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I love love. It’s something about the cheesy cards on Valentine’s Day and cherishing the one you love that makes me all warm inside. This Valentine’s Day is different than all of the rest — and I’m guessing you all know why. If you don’t already know, Jacob and I got married in July. Our relationship is something that I obviously love talking about because it’s the biggest part of my life! Seriously, whenever we get some time together, I just smother him because I love constant contact haha!

But real talk — I’m 23. Did I expect to be married already? No. Did I expect to be engaged at 21? No. But I couldn’t imagine anything else and would never want it any other way. Plus, we were both already established in our jobs and were in a good position at that point in our lives, so it all made sense. When you meet a guy like Jacob, there’s no reason to wait for years and years. He is EVERYTHING I want in a husband and a future father, and that’s all that matters. We wanted our future to start together as soon as possible. So we got engaged after a year and nine months of dating, were engaged for a year and a half, and now we’re married and living our own little fairytale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — a state that neither of us grew up in. But Jacob’s company has great opportunities for him up here! We’ve come to love this city and love the story we’re building here.

Having said all of that, my love life hasn’t been all happiness and roses. I’ve dated my share of D-bags. Sorry if that was a little harsh, but it’s true. In 2014, I ended a relationship a few days before Valentine’s Day. That V-day sucked — like really sucked. But every year, my dad buys me a teddy bear and flowers — something I always look forward to! That made the day better. And one of my really close guy friends knew about my guy situation, so he sent me flowers to my college house just so I had flowers that day (he didn’t know my dad always sent them, but it was so sweet of him). At night, all of my single girlfriends (basically everybody) had a Valentine’s Day dinner, which was a blast. There was definitely lots of wine flowing in that apartment that night. All of those things made the day a little better, but still, it was hard being away from my family when I was in a bad place mentally. All I wanted was to go home and be with all of them.

I had no idea that in less than two months, I would go on a date with the guy that was going to be my husband. I had no idea that in two months my whole view of dating would do a complete 180 because of him.

So if this Valentine’s Day isn’t one you’re looking forward to, tough it out. It’ll get SO much better. And one day, your prince charming will come walking into your life and you’ll know that it’s the real deal.


Alright ladies, if you’ve been searching for the perfect red Valentine’s Day dress, you’re in luck! I’ve found it for you. This red satin fit and flare dress from Express is a great option for your V-Day plans! The satin fabric makes it super cozy, but also has adjustable straps to fit any girl! I wore this to a wedding, and I didn’t feel constrained once while wearing it! Plus, I got a lot of compliments on it 🙂 It fits TTS. I’m wearing a 00 and it fits perfectly — no alterations needed! I love this dress because it has a slit for your leg, so you don’t feel constrained when you walk! The slit also makes it a little edgy, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day! This is the only red dress in my closet, but I think it’s going to be a little tough to beat this one! I think I may have overlooked how stunning red can be!

I have it paired with nude wedges from Express! Nude wedges are a must for every closet! They’re so versatile since they can be paired with any color! Express doesn’t have my exact pair anymore, so I linked a similar pair of nude heels!

Lastly, if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy, I have the perfect gift guide for you! Guys can be tricky to go shopping for, but no worries, I have your back! Check out my previous post The Only Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You Need: Gifts for Him.

So tell me, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?! I want to hear all about them!






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