Farah Vest + Stewart Plaid Button up

Shop these products: Farah Collared Wubby Vest  // Perfect Shirt in Stewart Plaid // Advanced Stretch Ultra High-Rise Jean Leggings // Kenneth Cole Bowan Studded Loafer // Natalie Dial Mesh Band Watch // Here is another link for shoes. Cheaper and free shipping!

This morning, I’m drinking coffee and being cozy on my couch while it’s single digits outside. Oakley is snuggled up next to me on the couch, and I’m thinking about how thankful I am that he’s back home and safe! I couldn’t imagine how I would be feeling if he was never found.

This first week with Jacob being home has been so much fun. I can definitely get used to going to work out together, eating dinner, and then watching TV until bedtime. Unfortunately, today is my last day until I go back to work. This four day break has been great for shooting content and pairing outfits!

Today’s outfit is one of my go-tos! You really can’t go wrong with a plaid shirt and vest combo, especially in this freezing weather! The products are from a few stores, but a lot of them are on sale!  My vest and watch are from Francesca’s. Right now, they have BOGO 30% off! This vest is extremely warm; right when I saw it in store, I needed to have it! So I sent it to my mom as a little hint-hint for Christmas.

My shirt is one of my all-time faves from J. Crew. I wear it with a few different vests (including this other one that I will be showing soon, which is also on HUGE sale from J. Crew), or I just wear it by itself. I’ve actually had it for a while, and I joke around because I feel like I wear it every day.

These shoes are Kenneth Cole from DSW. They have a tiny heel, and the soles are sooo dang comfy! They’re perfect for when you know you’ll be walking around a lot, but still want to look stylish. I saw that these are currently sold out in a few sizes, so I attached a link to these same pair on 6pm. They’re also marked down from the original price AND have free shipping, so they’re cheaper than DSW.

This outfit really is perfect for any occasion — and super comfy! I’m all about great deals, so I promise to keep more outfits coming that are on sale! J. Crew is awesome for this, and right now, it’s almost my whole closet! Go check these out while they’re on sale and grab them while your sizes are still available. They sell out fast!




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