Hey guys!

First thing’s first — I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! My Christmas this year was very different than the rest. First, we drove down to Riley, Indiana to visit Jacob’s side of the family for a few days. We went to church on Christmas Eve and opened up presents after. We had lots of yummy food in between that, too! We got up early Christmas Day to drive up to Saint Charles, IL to spend the day with my family! We opened up gifts at my house, hung out for a few hours, and then went to Grandma’s for a delicious meal, fun games, and to open up gifts! I truly feel so blessed to have the two best families that I could ask for!

I’m currently writing this as I’m sitting in Jacob’s hotel room. He only has two more work trips left!! WOOOHOOO!!! Three more days until I get my husband back home with me! You really have no idea how ready I am to not be alone in the loft. Unfortunately, none of these work trips have consisted of warmer weather. It’s currently 0 degrees in this tundra that I call home and I want to cry whenever I walk outside…

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened in 2017. It’s crazy that we only have a few more days until 2018. Obviously, getting married this summer changed my entire life! Within a few months, I got married, moved states, switched from adult ER to peds ER, signed a lease for an apartment, and moved in with my husband. We’re still getting used to traveling to see both of our families and figuring out time for just us while working totally opposite schedules. It’s a lot to process, but it’s all so positive!


My 2017 Reflection + Things I learned:

  • Bad things happen — move on from it. There’s no use dwelling on it. It’s not going to change anything.
  • Whatever task I’m putting off, it’s so much easier to just do it NOW. I’m so much happier when I can cross it off my to-do list.
  • Money doesn’t go as far as it used to. I definitely can’t shop as much as I did when I was a single lady.
  • Good things happen when you’re a genuinely nice person.
  • My husband is the epitome of perfection to me.
  • I am so lucky to have the family that I do.
  • I have a short fuse. I need to be more careful with my words.
  • Whatever happens, it’s not going to be the end of the world.
  • Don’t answer to a negative email right away. Wait until the morning when I’ve cooled off and thought about what I want to say.
  • You never know what’s going to happen. Hug your family and tell them you love them every chance you get.
  • Working hard gets you to good places.
  • What goes around comes around.


2018 Goals + Things I need to work on

  • Be nice to everybody, even when it’s REALLY REALLY difficult.
  • Become the best nurse I can possibly be; learn as much as I can from the veteran nurses in the department.
  • Take a deep breath and think before responding to a negative situation.
  • Get a bad@ss modeling portfolio and try to accept every casting I possibly can. (Growing four inches would help, too.)
  • Become more and more positive each day. I think sometimes this is the hardest thing to do.
  • Work out more often, not just before shoots. This also is hard to do while working the night shift. All I want to do is sleep when I’m off.
  • Not eat Forerro Rocher every single day.
  • Spend less money and save more.
  • Try to become a morning person. I never have been.
  • Think twice before complaining.


With 2018 coming up so quickly, lets all take advantage of our New Year’s resolutions and become a better version of ourselves in this next year. The world needs more good people more than ever right now. Love everybody, be positive, and make 2018 the best year yet!




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